One major place and well-known place in the heart of Lagos is Alaro City which is situated in the Northwest quadrant of the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

If you haven’t heard about Alaro City or you want to know more about Alaro City or you want to invest in Alaro City, the this articles is for you.

And don’t hesitate to contact us if you intend to invest in Alaro City, let us guild you through your investment in this City. And also you can Invest in the estate within the corridor and vicinity of Alaro City.

Conceived on 2000 Hectares Alaro City is in the North West Quadrant of Lekki Free Trade Zone. Alaro City will impact the economy of Lagos State in so many ways but the one we are most excited about is job creation.
Over 2000 jobs created since launch and we envisage up to 225k jobs will be created over the lifespan of the project.

The front view of Alaro City

The name Alaro is derived from the ancestry of Epe people. A fisherman was the founding father of Epe and has since been celebrated during Epe festivals.

Alaro City is divided into three (3) parts; the Industrial, commercial and residential area. Alaro city is zoned for different uses. We have light Industrial; No heavy chemicals will be found in the city. For the commercial zone we have the Logistics , schools, hospital, and SMEs. For the residential zone we currently have over 200 individual buyers we also have a joint venture that is building an estate called Universal One.

Side View of Alaro City

Alaro City is an integrated mixed-use urban community conceived on 2000 hectares in the Lekki Free Trade Zone. With C of O Free Zone Land, world class infrastructure and reliable utilities, the city “Epe” has attracted many Real Estate Developers and Investors which is really changing the face of Lagos State.

Alaro City has areas for offices, light Industrial companies, ICT, logistics, warehousing, residential housing, schools, banks, healthcare facilities, and sport & entertainment together with over 150 hectares of recreational parks and gardens.

Where is Alaro City Located?

a) Alaro City is a new Smart Tech City situated in Lekki Free Trade Zone in the heart of Epe Axis of Lagos, Nigeria. Epe is a City with a local government area (LGA), Epe is Located on the North side of the Lekki Lagoon and about 60mins from Lagos Ibadan expressway (connection to major expressway to Northern and Eastern Nigeria).

Specifically, Alaro City is directly facing the Lekki-Epe expressway for ease of transportation to Lagos Island or towards other parts of Nigeria. It is adjacent the newly approved Lekki-Epe International Airport, near the deepest sea port in Africa.  It is 15minutes drive from Eleko Junction and less than 6minutes drive to Epe T-Junction.

Why Invest In Alaro City?

Alaro City is a place to Live, Work, and Play. It is a smart tech city, a place to live in as it provides you with all the essential facilities needed as human, a place you can work as would be several industries and commercial companies right inside Alaro City and it’s a place for sport & entertainment, retail relaxation and investment opportunities. Alaro City is master planned natural environment coupled with the highest standards of infrastructure.

Who is the Developer of Alaro City?

Alaro city Epe has been developed by Rendeavour (Africa’s largest new city developer in partnership with the Lagos state government. The founder/CEO of Rendeavour, Mr Stephen Jennings and Chairman Rendeavour, Mr Frank Mosier. Rendeavour are building Alaro City in Partnership with the Lagos State Government.

Mr Stephen Jennings, Oloja of Epeland, and Mr Frank Mosier

We believe in partnerships. We are focused on delivering your city as planned and we are partnering with the right people and organizations to make this happen. We also have a great team fully focused on the vision and working every day to bring it to life.

Who is Rendeavour?

Rendeavour is Africa’s largest new city developer, building urban infrastructures and utility provision as obtainable in other cities built by the developer across Africa in strategic countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, and so on.

What is the Land Tittle of Alaro City?

The 2000 hectares of Land inside Alaro City has a perfect title which makes it a good investment opportunity. The title is Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) Free Zone Land.

Alaro City Layout Plan

Certificate of occupancy is a government issued Land document/certificate that grants the occupier the right of occupancy in certain portion of Land for a purpose.

How Many Road Lane Would Be In Alaro City? 

Accessibility and good roads drive a city’s sustainable development and this is the important of the high standard being applied by the promoters of the iconic Alaro City in the development of the city’s eight (8) Lane asphalt thoroughfare.

Main Boulevard Alaro City 8-Lane

We are elated to unveil our 8-lane, 60 metre wide main boulevard!
It is one of the largest and widest privately owned roads in Africa and will be in your city!
We are working to actualize our promise to deliver a world-class city, best evidenced in the quality infrastructure.

What are the services rendered in Alaro City?

The service offered or rendered in Alaro CCity at the moment are summarized below;

  1. Serviced Residential Plots: Inside Alaro City there are (3) different categories of serviced residential plots. They are summarized below;

a) Low Density: These residential serviced plots are called single family unit and it consists of the ground floor with one (1) floor developable. The size is 500sqm(square meter). Sells for $121 per sqm.

b) Medium Density: This category of serviced plots consists of the ground floor with two (2) floors developable. The size is 500sqm. Per sqm costs $135.

c) High Density: This category of the serviced plot inside Alaro City consists of the apartment blocks which contain four (4) to six (6) floors developable. The minimum plot size is 1000sqm and each square meter costs $150.

2. Serviced Commercial Plots: We also have plots for commercial purpose as it is expected that residential area should be far away from commercial and industrial areas and the minimum purchase Land size is 1000sqm.

3. Serviced Mixed-use Plots: Mixed used serviced plots are also available inside Alaro City. The minimum purchase plot size is 2000sqm.

4. Serviced Industrial Plots: We have plots majorly for Industrial purpose and the minimum purchase plot size is 4000sqm

5. Serviced SME Plots: We also five room for small medium enterprises (SMEs) to own as many plots as possible inside Alaro City. The minimum purchase plot size is 1000sqm.

6. Universal One Apartment: Universal One apartment is owned by Universal Homes (who are also building thousands of units in Rendeavour’s other project, Tatu City in Nairobi Kenya).

Universal Apartment inside Alaro City

The community consists of 576 two bedroom (expandable to 3 and 4 bedroom) contemporary apartments offering a traquil yet modern living experience powered by world class amenities and Alaro City’s commitment to greenery and nature. The prices of unit ranges from $76,700 to $88,200.

Is Flexible Payment Plan available ?

Yes, there is payment plan for the Land and Apartments is available in Alaro City with initial deposit of 10%. For the Land you have a payment plan of 12months while for the apartments there is 24months flexible payment plan.


1) Proximity to Major Development: Alaro City is the only development within the lekki free-trade zone that has access to the lekki-epe expressway. Alaro City is one of the major key development in the free zone axis of the Ibeju-Lekki and Epe corridors respectively.

Most properties in Epe and Ibeju-Lekki corridor uses Alaro city as a major landmark to skyrocket their sales. Other proximity to key develpment is the Newly Approved International Airport, Dangote Refinery and Fertilizer Plant and Lekki Deepest Sea Port. Epe is now a leading state in Lagos Nigeria for property investment, It is the Epe is the Dubai of Lagos. Due to the broad accessibility and a lot of modern infrastructures are coming up in Alaro City axis and also it’s proximity to Ibeju-Lekki; Epe is now consider as an area for investment for high Return On Investment (ROI) and value appreciation.

2) High Return on Investment (ROI): Land values at Alaro City are projected to increase by over 20% per annum as infrastructure is rolled out. This is mirrored in the Lekki axis as a whole that has seen land value increase by over 400% in the last decade. It is projected that Alaro City upon completion will have over 200,000 people in the city on a daily basis. This in turn provides a wealth of opportunity for investors looking to tap into the captive market of the free trade zone and the workers within it.

3) Accessibility: Alaro City is directly facing the Lekki-Epe expressway and it’s adjacent the newly approved International Airport which serves as an easy access to the airport

4) Top Notch Infrastructure: Major infrastructures in the world would be made available in Alaro city. When you invest in Alaro city, you get to enjoy world class infrastructures such as 24/7 power supply, good quality internal road network, greenways, pedestrian walkways, helipad, storm drainage system, ICT, treated water supply, underground sewage system, sewage treatment & connections, recreational parks, Industrial-grade roads and 8-Lane main boulevard road etc.

The Helipad

5) Drainage System: The beautiful plants inside Alaro City are indicative of what we call rain garden. Storm water that runs off the road will be going to drain into the rain gardens. So rather than have open  channel drainage, we have underneath this beautiful construct perforated pipes wrapped in engineered material and geotextile what it does is that it allows the storm water to come into the drain, keep the plants growing healthily and then the storm water runs off into a major storm water channel.

Storm Drainage System

6) Free Tax Zone Benefits: Why companies are moving to Alaro City? Why because they are taking the advantage of the all Lekki Trade Zone Benefits. some of the benefit of having a business in Alaro city is that the companies will be exempted from all government taxes including income and import taxes levy by federal government. You are not paying withholding tax, you are exempted from VAT, corporate income tax, no import duties as well as exemptions many more free zone benefits. So for a smooth execution Alaro city has an official in the port stations In Nigeria. Businesses within Alaro city already have access to the benefits of the Lekki free trade zone. we have 43 companies that have bought land, one of the companies is Ariel Foods (ariel foods is the first time in Nigeria, first time in Africa). What do Ariel Foods do? Ariel foods built the largest ready-to-eat therapeutic food production facility in Africa at Alaro city. We also have BUA, they are building a massive detergent factory in the industrial district at Alaro city called Starium Detergent which when completed will provide jobs and opportunities fro thousands of Nigerians. The Rungas Group is an integrated gas company currently operating in multiple location in Nigeria and in Alexandria Egypt. Kaptain Foods is a food processing company established in 2015 to produce a blend of pre-cooked and packaged foods production to serve the needs of families around the world. We are excited to have qualified cargo solutions; a subsidiary of leading German logistics Group, quick cargo services and many more companies in Alaro city.

7) Lifestyle: The lifestyle in Alaro city is a mixed use and mixed income city which offers you all you need in one place. A place to live, work, shop, investment opportunities, a place for entertainment, relaxation and much more; in a master planned natural environment coupled with the highest standards of infrastructure.

The philosophy in Alaro city is to make infrastructures world-class while not making it too mechanical so that we can have a proper landscape city that gives you a pleasure in working and living within Alaro city.

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